Project Description

Susan has been practicing yoga for over 8 years and is a certified yoga instructor since 2009. She has taught yoga internationally (USA and Asia), in studios across Ireland and loves to travel, teach and practice a range of yoga styles including Vinyasa, Bikram, Yin and Ashtanga yoga.

Susan currently teaches Bikram yoga and Vinyasa flow classes in Dublin and loves to come west to Galway to teach. She also teaches mindfulness and Yin yoga – a slower, deeper, more meditative practice which develops inner strength and calmness.

‘For me yoga began as a simple ”sweat + stretch” endeavour.  I stumbled into a stiflingly hot Bikram yoga studio 8 years ago with teflon-tight hamstrings.. and just kept going back. Whilst my practice began as a way to heal my marathon-running tight hamstrings, little did I realise how much yoga would, in time, stretch my mind, body, life and world view in so many weird and wonderful ways. As my practice has evolved today ‘my real yoga’ is as much about what is happening for me OFF the mat as what is happening on the mat. Yoga helps me to be grateful, contented and find balance in everyday life.”

When Susan is not falling out of postures or teaching yoga part-time she works as a self-employed marketing consultant running her own business – Ajna Marketing Zone.

Yoga Qualifications – Susan Ní Dhubhlaoich

Susan is a certified member of Yoga Alliance and is also a member of a number of online yoga communities including Yoga Trail and Yogin’ it.

2009: Absolute Hot Yoga RYT 200 Hour Teacher Training – Thailand

2013: Bikram Yoga 9 Week Teacher Training – USA

2014: Vinyasa Flow RYT 200 Hour Teacher Training – Bali, Indonesia

2014: Yin Yoga 50 Hour Teacher Training – Indonesia

She is also an ITEC and FETAC qualified massage therapist with a keen interest in anatomy and bodywork.